Personalized Items - WYSIWYG

We strive to make your order customized to your satisfaction. Should we have a question, we will reach out to you. However, to speed along your order it helps to have everything entered the way you want it on the badge so we aren't left wondering what to do.

Pertaining to fields which ask for your information:

Select Badge Color: This is the color of badge you wish to purchase.
Enter Call Sign: This is the license call sign you wish to have on the badge - important to remember if you're ordering for someone else.
Enter Name: This is one that creates the most questions. If you want the name to be in all capital letters and only the first name, enter it in that format. For example, if your name is Alexander Jones, and you want the badge to show ALEXANDER, type it exactly how it should appear. If you wish the badge to say Alex Jones, type it just like that. If you really wanted the badge to say "jonesey" (no capitals, quotation marks, nickname), enter it that way. We will engrave the name just as you write it. If you're prone to using all capitals when you type, but don't want it in all capitals, don't type it in all capitals. If you have any questions on this, please contact us.
Badge Fastener: By standard, badges come with a pin fastener. If you wish to have a magnet, select magnet. Some people like having two magnets, or just want a spare, so select the double magnet option. Whatever you choose, we will send. Unless you specify that we do not apply the fastener (in the notes and instructions section), we will apply the first fastener. Any additional fasteners will not be applied unless you ask us to.
Notes & Instructions: Have something you want to communicate to us about the design of your item? This is where you can enter that information. Should you forget to put it here, there's another place during checkout where you can enter it. Worst case, after your order you can always reach out to us.

Remember, WYSIWYG means What You See Is What You Get!

Pertaining to badge sizes:

Our badge sizes are simple and are based on common sizes in the badge industry (yes, that's a thing).
Small is 1" x 3" (25.4mm x 76.2mm)
Medium is 1½" x 3" (38.1mm x 76.2mm)
Large is 2
⅜" x 3⅜" (60.325mm x 85.725mm)

Note that some variation in actual size can occur, so if you take a caliper to the badge, don't be shocked that it's not EXACT.
Large badge sizes, which may seem strange, is a standard size for security badges, credit cards, and more.

Custom-made badges and other items are fabricated after we receive your order.

In some cases, we may have created some portion of your item before-hand, such as with club and group badges which utilize standard logos. This will not effect the quality of the badge in any way.

We will inspect the cutting or engraving of your personalized item for quality and consistency. If we are not satisfied with the quality of your item, we will fix or replace it before it is shipped. Should you find a quality issue with your item, we ask that you inform us immediately.

We are not responsible for incorrect information provided to us, so please be sure the information you include with your order is correct before placing it. We will not refund or replace an item which has incorrect spelling or erroneous information that was provided to us on the original order.

Most importantly, please note that the pictures of customized items used on this site, on various online sources we control, and our marketing are for demonstration purposes. The finalized product may look different from our example due to differences in typographical length, which may cause some scaling to be necessary to complete the work. In other words, a long name may appear with smaller text while a shorter name may appear larger. We do our best to minimize any distortion.